Our Approach

Much of the auto dealership industry relies on calcified and outdated practices and systems.  A180 Auto Consulting was created to literally help dealers do "a 180 degree turn" from the old ways toward the new --- while becoming more profitable in the process.  A180 auto products, systems and services including CarShark are designed to disrupt the industry for the benefit of the dealer --- as opposed to the technologies and services that benefit third parties and the consumer.  And the most important factor in our success is that every product, system and service designed and provided by A180 auto has been rigorously implemented and continuously improved at our award-winning "incubator" dealership in Northern California.

Our Story

Co-Founder and CEO Nicholas Patterson was born into the car business and worked his way from the wash rack to the sales floor to overseeing the used car department and moving into upper management --- giving him the experience, knowledge and insight necessary to launch A180 Auto Consulting with a partner group consisting of top sales and technology talent. He leads A180 after spending the last few years building his dealership's pre-owned department into Toyota's number one ranked used car department in the entire San Francisco Region. Nick joined with his partners in 2016 to create a consulting business centered on sharing the systems and processes that made attaining a number one used car ranking possible. Already having incredible success in a vehicle exchange program and equity mining processes it became obvious to look in new and different directions to reach beyond his dealership's used car success. Realizing that inventory acquisition was consistently the key issue affecting the bottom line the A180 group set to work and CarShark was born. With a combination of pre-owned consulting and database mining the A180 group has created a private party concierge service to assist dealers in acquiring more of the vehicles that have been lost to the private market. The result is an infusion of higher quality units that generate higher than average gross profit, increases dealership traffic, and reclaims all important market share.

Next Steps...

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