CarShark is set to take a huge bite out of the pre-owned private seller market. The pre-owned market saw nearly 40 million units transacted in 2016 but Franchise Dealers only sold 14 million of those units (used and CPO).  26 million pre-owned units escaped the Franshise Dealers' grasp!  CarShark was created to reverse that trend and bring the highest quality pre-owned units back to the Dealership lot where they belong.  It is extremely labor intensive for the average Dealership to try and buy cars from the classified sites or even the top paid advertising hosts.  Scams and deep mistrust by sellers toward Dealers is a growing and unfortunate reality. Thankfully CarShark has solved the problem. We have created a Dealer customized "Concierge Service" to handle the private party buying for you. Our skilled team of highly experienced agents combined with state of the art technology will literally bring the cars to your doorstep. CarShark is tech based with intelligence that utilizes both a desktop and easy to use mobile interface that finds the highest grossing and quickest turning private market inventory based on YOUR historical sales data. With a click of a button or swipe of the app CarShark goes into action and does all the work necessary to get private party units with tentative purchase agreements (TPA's) to your Dealership. This means no added overhead, labor or cost whatsoever to the Dealer! Reduce your dependence on auctions and increasingly dwindling trade-ins and contact CarShark today.

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